Crypto Sigils — The Opensea Collection

The Crypto Sigils project is a collection of animated mandala-like artworks, that can be used as an introspection / self magic tool, to meditate on specific concepts and to expand one’s own mind and perceptions.

Everything happened years ago when I started posting mostly static, abstract, psychedelic art on Instagram (see my IG feed here).

Starting from those pictures, I decided to land on Opensea and intensely edit my old pictures, giving them a twist, adding 3d elements to them and video filters. Obviously I also created new ones from scratch.

Every single artwork starts with a regular photo, then is processed through a digital kaleidoscope, then I use a dozen different apps to get to the final result.

This is the static, starting image, that will be animated
The starting image, that will be animated

This static image is already the final product of numerous edits, but the animated one will be even more elaborated.

The final, animated version

This is the first artwork of the collection, it is called Crypto Sigil #1. The description is as follows:

As the Inner Diamond spins, all colors swing but the picture stays identical.

Every single sigil has a specific sentence, that should be used as an inspiration to use it.

I decided to mint only 4 editions for each artwork, and only 3 are on sale (I keep the genesis one for myself, for better times). No additional editions will ever be minted.

I’m currently working to upload all the other sigils on You can check the collection there



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